I can do this alone.
Ophelia | Phoenix | Fire | Open | Jessica Lowndes

Ophelia, above all, is an independent being. She carries herself with such confidence and poise that her dazzling personality is infectious. She almost always has a smile plastered on her face and a sunny attitude to go along with it. She tries her best to stay calm and collected, but it doesn’t always work out for her.

Being a Phoenix, a large temper comes with her personality. Though, at most times, she is able to keep it at bay, it’s not good when it surfaces. The claws come out and the shining, bright girl becomes a vicious Cobra. It’s rare for it to show, and it only does when something bad happens to someone she loves.

Ophelia has never been behind the war, but she is willing to fight to protect the ones she cares about. She has a very strong ability and is very powerful, especially since she has such a high temper. She only uses it when she absolutely have to because it is very destructive.